Line Sheet

2018 Collection

0088.  Aura Cuff ($44.00)

Hand carved wide flat textured cuff. Suggested Retail: $88.00

0089.  Sphere Ring ($24.00)

Hand-carved in wax then cast in brass. Textured dome and sterling silver rounded band. Available in all sizes. Suggested Retail: $48.00

0090.  Inertia Earrings ($25.00)

Hand-cut brass with posts and backs. Wide textured curves. Suggested Retail: $50

0091. Current Earrings ($24.00)

Glossy hand carved curves follow the line of your ear. Sterling silver silver posts and backs. Suggested Retail: $48

0092.  Fusion Necklace ($92.00)

Large statement brass pendant hands from thick 18 inch sterling silver snake chain Suggested Retail: $184

0093. Crescent Earrings ($26.00)

Hand-carved. Crescents fit snugly on earlobe. Sterling silver posts and backs Suggested Retail: $52

0094.  Halo Ring ($29.00)

Hand-carved, cast in brass. Thick textured band. Available in size 6 and 7. Suggested Retail: $58.

0097.  Spectrum Earrings ($32.00)

Hand-carved, cast inbrass. Curve hangs vertically from ear. Sterling silver silver posts and backs  Suggested Retail: $64

0100.  Zenith Earrings ($25.00)

Hand-carved rounded triangles. Sterling posts and nuts. 
Suggested Retail: $50

0103.  Entropy Earrings ($26.00)

Free form brass hoops, sterling silver post and back. 
Suggested Retail: $52

0106.  Eclipse Earrings ($37.00)

Hand-carved large cast brass curves.Sterling silver silver posts and backs Suggested Retail: $74

0095.  Beacon Earrings ($26.00)

Hand-carved, cast in brass. Look great at any rotation. Sterling silver silver posts and backs Suggested Retail: $52

0098. Beacon Necklace ($46.00)

Hand-carved star pendant hangs from 24 inch rounded box chain.  Suggested Retail: $92

0101. Carmen Necklace ($73.00)

Hand-carved, strong but softened triangle hangs from 24 inch sterling snake chain. 
Suggested Retail: $142

0104.  Momentum Hoops ($34.00)

Hand-carved brass, textured wide classic hoops. Sterling posts and backs. 
Suggested Retail: $68

0107.  Entropy Ring ($29.00)

Hand-carved, cast in brass. Wavy free form ring. Available in size 6 and 7. Suggested Retail: $58


0096.  Entropy Necklace ($35.00)

Free form brass pendant hung from delicate 18 inch sterling chain. Suggested Retail: $70

0099.  Beam Ring ($24.00)

Hand carved, cast in brass. Textured, elongated marquis shape and squared sterling band. Available in all sizes.  Suggested Retail: $48

0102. Entropy Cuff ($38.00)

Free form brass cuff, adjustable. 

Suggested Retail: $76

0105.  Harmony Necklace ($38)

Hand carved triangle pendant with raised rounded center. Hangs from 20 inch sterling cable chain. Suggested Retail:  $76

0108.  Charge Earrings ($25.00)

Hand-carved, brass bolts. Sterling silver silver posts and backs Suggested Retail: $50