Kiki Koyote strives to recognize the "everyday" as rich with meaning and monument. It seeks to capture the vastness of simplicity, to draw out the story and soul of the ordinary, and to awaken a commanding calm in the midst of life's hustle and hum.

How we chose to adorn our bodies should not be a departure from or an encumbrance on our daily life, but rather a reflection of the beauty we know it to possess. I believe jewelry should be effortless. It should speak to us before it speaks for us. It should call us home and anchor us in who we are and the beauty of now.

My aim in each design is for you to be in a place of it is good, it is now, it is enough.

My Story

Kiki Koyote is the jewelry of designer and creator Kris Singleton. All my work is made by hand in my home studio in Minnesota.

About nine years ago I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. In an instant the inertia of my life came to a screeching halt and I understood with a painful clarity that my days were not inevitable and tomorrow was not a guarantee. This realization was terribly powerful and hugely influential in shaping me. I understood that today is everything, it is all we have, and it, in all its ordinariness, contains the whole of our purpose.

Kiki Koyote was born out of this experience. After chemo ended, I took a metalsmithing class and fell in love with the process. Making settled me squarely in the moment. It transported me to the simplicity and presence I had lived while I was sick. It made me feel at home and the act of making itself rang so true to my soul. Now busy at home with four young children, metal work continues to be an absolute gift to me. It puts me in touch with another world and reminds me that each moment is a gift, an infinite potential just waiting to be born and transformed by our mindful presence and nurturing love.