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0032.  Hook Earrings ($13.00, $15.00)

Sterling silver or 14k gold fill delicate hook earrings. About 1.5 cm long


0044.  Torrent Necklace ($57.00, 72.00)

Hand-carved brass pendant thread through either 24 inch sterling silver or 14k gold fill snake chain.


0041. Mainstay Necklace ($43.00)

Hand-carved brass pendant hung from delicate 18 inch sterling silver chain.

0043.  Eclipse Necklace ($46.00)

Hand-carved brass pendant can be worn 5+ ways depending on how you thread the 24 inch snake chain through the four holes.

0046.  Aurora Hook Earrings ($25.00)

Hand-Cut brass with sterling silver hook

0048.  Slice Earrings ($25.00)

Hand-cut brass "slices" your earlobe. sterling back and post

0050.  Spiral Earrings ($15.00, 17.00)

Sterling, or 14k gold fill. Twist through ear to look like two tiny hoops.


0025.  Bar Ring ($20.00)

14k gold fill band with 1 cm sterling bar. all sizes.


0036.  Surround Ring ($21.00)

14k gold fill band with sterling silver hoop. all sizes available


0035.  Arch Ring ($16.00, $17.00)

Delicate Arch formed band in sterling silver or 14k gold fill.


0011.  Arrowhead Cuff ($20.00, $30.00, $37.00)

Hand- forged arrowhead cuff. Each is unique. Available in  brass, sterling silver, or 14k gold fill.